October 2006 investment of 2.5 million yuan around the new production building completed by the end of March, the beginning of the year will invest about 200 million high-precision production equipment and testing equipment, to expand the export business has laid a solid foundation.
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June 2007, the company has a new two plants, the motor, grinder, air compressor, etc., in the second branch production, a factory responsible for the production of welding, standardize the production quality management.

In March 2009, the company set up a new type of laboratory, the components of the sample and the newly developed products for mass production test.

May 2010, the company purchased a fully automatic wave soldering and look at the automatic painting machine and the board board shear foot machine, greatly improving the product quality and production efficiency.

July 2011, the company in order to further enhance the quality of products, but also increased the automatic plug-in machine, with the plug-in machine to join the company in September expansion welding machine production expansion of 28,000 units.

September 2012, the company established in Hangzhou R & D, accelerate the pace of development of new products, strengthen market competition.

July 2013, the company has received, including "an inverter welding machine dual power conversion circuit" and other seven national utility model patent certificate.

In March 2014, the Dayton company WeChat public number opened, to further provide a good user to provide a deposit.

In July 2014, Yi Dayton and Japan Suzuki company reached a cooperation, the introduction of Japan's Toyota's fine production management model, and continuously improve the efficiency of internal management.

In September 2015, Yi Dayton wholly-owned acquisition of the United States and its fans, Yi Dayton industry has joined a new member.

In April 2016, Yi Dayton days cat, Jingdong and other flagship store officially launched, Lynx and Jingdong opened, opened a new chapter in the Dayton Internet business.

In May 2016, Yi Dayton company invested more than 200 million, the purchase of a fully integrated wave soldering and three automatic circuit board cleaning machine and a set of paint, in reducing the work of the strength of the workers, but also to enhance the efficiency of Inverter welding machine production of 50,000 units.
In November 2016, Yi Dayton company won the national high-tech enterprise certificate, which marks the Dayton company continued research and development and technology achievements, has become the core of independent intellectual property rights Dayton important manifestation.
2016 years 12 years, Yi Dayton successfully completed the project integration, integration of the project is divided into: welding project, welding parts projects, high-pressure fan projects, wire and cable projects, sheet metal manufacturing projects, intended to better and faster to provide customers Quality service.